Fun Things to Do on a Train Trip


While most people like taking long road drives for the fun of it, not many people take rail trips just for pleasure. However, traveling by train through various areas and regions, and enjoying beautiful sceneries like mountains, expansive forests and other feature can be a great exciting activity. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the trips offered by Canada Rail Tour Company to enjoy some of the best railway trips through picturesque places, and you will have lifetime memories.

Here are some things you can do as you travel by train to have more fun, and avoid boredom:

Playing Games Alone or With Friends

play gamesTypically, people lack time to sit and enjoy some games with friends due to tight schedules and distractions from TV and other things. As you take your train trip, you have a perfect time to play several games with your buddies. Whether it is playing the traditional card games like Crazy Eights and Go Fish, or the more modern ones like Cards Against Humanity, you will have lots of fun. The beauty of card games is that they fit well people of all ages and can never get boring.

On the other hand, if you are traveling solo, you could keep yourself entertained and occupied by playing Sudoku, crosswords and others. Besides the fun, you exercise your brain and learn several new words or improve your vocabulary. It would be awesome to learn some new words and impress your friends when you get to your destination.

Taking Pictures of Landscapes, People and Things

capture great photosAnother great activity you can do while on your leisure train trip or any other travel by railway, is taking photos. It would help to have a camera or a mobile phone with a good camera so you can document your trip in great pictures.

You may find the landscape on the other side of your seat enchanting or still find beautiful views through your window which you can capture on your camera. That way, you will have good memories of your charming train ride well preserved. You also take photos of people, cars, buildings and other things.

Making New Friends

make new friendsOne significant benefit of train rides is that they offer a reasonably long time to travel comfortably and get social with other people. You could make the best use of a long train trip to meet and get to know someone or narrate your story to someone.

You could make great friends, and who knows, you may also meet a life partner if you are not yet hitched. It would be best to use the opportunity you get on a train ride to at least make a friend.…

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